Isles of Storm and Sorrow

Peace Has A Cost. Legends Hide Secrets. Love Harbours Betrayal.
Book  Two

A storm is coming.
A wild fury that will
devour earth and sea.

Marianne has never wanted to be a fighter, but with unrest and discord threatening the Twelve Islands, she will have to battle threats both inside and out in an attempt to attain peace for her homeland.

The epic YA fantasy series The Isles of Storm and Sorrow continues in its second book, Venom, perfect for fans of Sara J Maas and Leigh Bardugo.

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Though Marianne is now the Viper, protector of the Twelve Isles, her hopes for peace are unfulfilled. The corrupt King remains on the throne, bandits are constant and Marianne doesn't know who among her crew she can truly trust.

Then she learns of a prophecy: For the islands to prosper, the invisible bond that once united land and sea must be reinstated. There’s only one way that can happen – the return of magic.

But magic is a dangerous thing. Can Marianne learn to control the power within her and restore the Isles to their former majesty? Or will her magic devour everything she holds dear - until only a barren wasteland remains?

Stop the king. Protect the Isles. Embrace the magic.


Publication Date: 16 Apr 2020
Imprint: Orion Children's Books
Physical Format: Paperback | 450 pages
Electronic Formats: Kindle
ISBN: 9781510105850

Hogan builds a vivid world, and her descriptions of life aboard ship evoke the taste of salt in the air

SFX Magazine

A rip-roaring, swashbuckling adventure that left me breathless from the first page to the last

Kat Dunn, author of Dangerous Remedy

Every line held me captive. Bex Hogan is a master storyteller!

Menna van Praag, author of The Sisters Grimm

Pulse-pounding fantasy pirate adventure … full of romance, hand-to-hand combat, bitter revenge, terrifying sea monsters and magic – I loved it

Kesia Lupo, author of We Are Blood and Thunder