17th April 2020

“No matter how bad things are, no matter how dark the journey becomes, good will triumph.” Isles of the Storm trilogy author, Bex Hogan, discusses the need to escape in 2020. https://www.unitedbypop.com/young-adult-books/ya-author-bex-hogan-on-the-need-to-escape-in-2020/

24th February 2020

For many years my desk was squashed into the corner of our living room, and I worked under headphones trying to block out the noise of my family with atmospheric music more suited to the fantasy world I was writing. (Not that I don’t love my family and their noise, but the dulcet tones of…

9th May 2019

I have a confession to make. I am not a Slytherin. Despite believing that I possess many Slytherin traits. . . I like to think the Hat hesitated for a moment when weighing up where to put me. Because I feel very drawn to the House with a bit of a reputation.

25th April 2019

One of my absolute favourite things about writing fantasy is the world building. There’s something so wonderfully freeing about casting aside the social constructs we live in and creating your own countries and history – it’s a daydreamer’s. . .well, dream!

23rd April 2019

No adventure set on the high seas is complete without a pirate ship, and no ship is complete without its captain. Viper’s own captain, Captain Adler, is a cruel and violent man, but not all pirates are bad. Here are some of my favourite pirate captains in films. 5. One Eyed Willy – The Goonies. OK, I…